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Drilling down the master list of our featured wiki articles
07/17/2007 : It's been a week and my team was discussing the master plan for the wiki portal entries that we want prioritized. The Board of Editors is debating the categories and subcategories. It's hard, but we are all excited as little by little, with the help of our volunteers and in-house staff, we have come up with the initial list of priority portals.
Technically speaking: The code behind the Wikipilipinas interface
07/16/2007 : I have discussed with my technical team the new redesign of the site. Suggestions have been made but these have not been made public. Our webmaster wanted the public to decide and express the look they want for a Philippine-based Wiki project but was overruled by the Board. The decision has been made to speed up the process. Two weeks have been given for the technical team to come up with the new design...Pagod na ako...bukas n lang ulit ...hayyy 2log na...

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Top Philippine Knowledge Portal

History.jpg Philippine History Portal

Events - Unsung Heroes- Hall of Heroes - Frauds - Social Movements - Prehistoric Finds - Women - History from Below - Rebellion and Battles Islamic Mindanao Landmarks ...more

Arts.jpg Philippine Culture and Arts Portal

Pinoy Dishes - Festivals - Painters - National Artists - Writers - Musicians - Dance - Theater Plays - Sculpture - Indigenous instruments - ...more

Nuvola apps bookcase.png Philippine Sports and Leisure Portal

World champions - Medalists - Sports Arenas - Institutions - Historical moment - Most popular sports - Richest - Most controversial - Sports records - Worst athletes - ...more

Media.jpg Philippine Media and Entertainment Portal

Female Movie Villains - Most Memorable Movie Lines - Sexiest Actresses - Hunks - Komik Characters - Radio Stations - TV Shows - Top 10 Comedians - Celebrities - Media Personalities - ...more

Society.jpg Philippine People and Society Portal

Socialites - Indigenous people - Universities - Hospitals - Criminals - Beauty queens - Sexiest - Prominent families - Beauty doctors - Psyche and norms - Filipino firsts - ...more

Economy.jpg Philippine Economy and Business Portal

Companies - Banks - Manufacturers - Utilities - Top 100 corporations - 40 Richest Filipinos - 10 success stories - Top 10 economists - Top 10 scams - ...more

Government.jpg Philippine Government and Politics Portal

Presidents - Vice Presidents - Senate - Congress - Government Agencies - Left wing 10 Richest Senators - 10 Most Corrupt Agencies - Political Events - ...more

Geography.jpg Philippine Geography and Travel Portal

Regions - Provinces - Cities - Municipalities - Islands - Landforms - Tourist Spots - UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Natural Disasters - ...more

Religion.jpg Philippine Religion and Beliefs Portal

Festivities - Leaders - Organizations - Places of worship - Miracles - Controversial Personalities - Non-believers - Controversies - Myths - Superstitions - ...more

Scitech.jpg Philippine Science and Technology Portal

Scientists - Filipino Inventions - Endangered Species - Medicinal Plants - Weirdest Creatures - Myths - Hoaxes - Online Games - Famous Pinoy Blogs - ...more